Solved: Dell Inspiron webcam driver not installed - Dell Community - It is unfortunate that the Dell Webcam Central software is not functioning fine, I'd suggest you to try the following steps mentioned below to install the software.

dell webcam software

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Does my Dell computer have a webcam?
How do I install a webcam on my computer?

Dell WebCam Software, v.LCAC-DLWEB-1-LD, A00 | Driver Details ...
Note: Avatar Creator v4.6.2303.1 is bundled in the M09 Dell Webcam Software Suite v1.1 (Consumer) package (with Dell Webcam Central v1.02.06)
Solved: Dell Webcam Central Windows 7 (The Windows 7 Version ...
Solved: Simply put, could somebody please post a link to the GENUINE Dell Webcam Central software for Windows 7, where ever it is on the Dell Drivers.